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First Radio Interview!

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Good morning from central Delaware on the lovely Delmarva Peninsula. Last night I had the pleasure of sitting for an interview with Michael Foster, one of the veterans of WVUD 91.3, the radio station at the University of Delaware. I arrived a bit ahead of Michael at the radio station and one of the students let me in, as it had started to rain. Michael, ever the gentleman probably arrived five minutes or so later and was outside waiting for me to arrive so he could let me in. When the students and I realized he hadn’t evidenced himself by 6:20, I went back out to the door and there he was. We had never met in person, but he looked to me exactly as his voice had sounded over the phone and on the air.

I had a mild case of the jitters, as my experience with public speaking has been confined to classrooms and occasionally an auditorium for my work; but Michael put me at ease and teased that perhaps there were no one listening at all. I knew better, having been assured by numerous friends that they’d be listening in, but the half-hour flew by and Michael’s facility for asking good, open-ended questions allowed me to talk about some of the more important concepts discussed in Young For Your Own Good.

Many thanks to Michael, as well as to those who have already given me feedback in text, email at the website and in person after the show. Michael feels there is another host who loves interviewing and highlighting paradigm-breakers, so there may well be another WVUD interview on the horizon. For now, though, I’ve got to make sure my dog Barney gets outside one more time before I get dressed and head into Dover to work.

Have a wonderful day and keep the questions and feedback coming in the Contact link at my website



Author: Sherry Ellesson

Originally from New England, I've lived in several parts of the U.S. and settled in central Delaware in 1997. I currently work as a trainer/educator and have been writing professionally off and on for over 20 years. I recently finished writing my first book, Young For Your Own Good and it launched in May of 2014 (bookstore.balboapress). My website is and I hope to develop a thriving, active community who value health in mind, body and spirit.

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