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Meeting a Hero – Joe Cross

Joe Cross and I March 22 2015As I said last evening on my Facebook page, I am walking a good 2′ off the ground. Yesterday, armed with my GPS and money for tolls, I took to I-95 North and went into Philadelphia to meet none other than Joe Cross, the Australian film-maker who gave us Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage all who’ve tried and failed to lose weight/get healthy/ditch the multiple prescription drugs healthfully to watch it.

Joe’s been a hero of mine ever since I saw the film and went on to subcribe to his website, juicingwithjoe. It was having seen his own and another “rebooter’s” transformation that prompted me to go out and get a juicer and really start optimizing my nutritional intake.

A “reboot” is what Joe and his community call a veggie/juice fast of anything from a few days to weeks. His own journey started with 60 full days of juicing-only; and before you protest, let me say he did it under the guidance of a fully qualified M.D. and the juicing he did was fresh, mostly-veggie (i.e. low in sugar). He followed that up with a diet of primarily plant-based meals, continued juicing, and ended up losing 100 lbs.

Joe would be the first to say that “one size does not fit all,” but I have found absolutely no research to support prohibition of including juice (an optimal ratio is 80% veg to 20% fruit) as a healthy way of getting in the much-needed micro-nutrients absent in a Western diet of fast this and over-processed that.

All that said, along with getting Joe’s signature on a copy of his latest book Fully Charged, I was honored to have him accept a copy of my own book, Young For Your Own Good, and I am excited to hear back as to what he thinks of it.